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The Empowerment Difference

Welcome to the Empowerment Healthcare

Empowerment Healthcare is the leader in providing adult foster care and assisted living services to the greater Minneapolis, St Paul metro area. We specialize in meeting the needs of the younger adult struggling with heavy medical, mental health, and substance abuse issues.

Assisted LivingOur motto, “Transforming Lives through Support, Advocacy and Empowerment” is apparent through our commitment to creating individualized care plans that foster independence while balancing a safe, structured, and respectful environment that optimizes success and personal growth.

Empowerment sets itself apart from other agencies with our unique approach that is centered on a nursing model. Our team of full time Registered nurses are actively involved in the day to day activities of our clients. This model allows for the support of heavy medical needs including: sliding scale diabetics, tracheostomies, ventilators, feeding tubes, and wounds. Our nurses are also there to notice the subtle changes as it relates to mental health and chemical dependency diagnose, resulting in excellent communication with physicians to make changes to the care plan. Finally, our direct care staff and House Managers have the benefit of constant supervision and intensive training on topics that are relevant to the specific needs of our clients.

Adult Foster CareEmpowerment Healthcare is managed by Registered Nurses with years of both medical and Psychiatric nursing experience. This lends itself to a company whose belief is that all clients deserve a fresh start, and a chance to succeed in the community. Our admission process is done on a case by case basis, after a thorough assessment by a RN, not by set criteria.

Our dedicated staff think outside the box to ensure our clients have the tools and resources necessary to succeed. We utilize positive reinforcement strategies to encourage clients to meet their behavioral goals. Our approach is to work closely with clients’ support team, including the family, physician, and Case Manager to create the least restrictive environment while providing an individualized care plan that allows our clients to meet their long term goals of independence.

Whether it is one of our Adult Foster Care or Assisted Living homes, our clients benefit from industry leading staff to client ratios. We focus on hiring, orienting, and providing ongoing training to our staff that focuses on specific medical needs, behavioral modification, and crisis management. We do not believe that calling 911 or hospitalization is the first step in resolving issues; we work closely with our team and the physician to go above and beyond to give our clients what they need while at home leading to low hospitalization rates.

Empowerment Healthcare strives to truly Support, Advocate, and Empower our clients to meet their full potential and have the opportunity to succeed in the community.